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Often times people think that the sale of a junk or salvage vehicle is a simple and somewhat unimportant task, however "BEWARE".  If you choose to sell your vehicle to an unlicensed salvage dealer then you retain the liability for that vehicle and title.  If at some point that vehicle is involved in an accident, or perhaps a crime wherein someone is hurt or in the worst case scenario killed, you could be in for a long battle in civil court.  And if --for whatever-- reason your vehicle is found abandoned somewhere then the towing, storage and admin fees can add up rather quickly as evidenced by the e-mail below.

When you sell your vehicle to a licensed salvage dealer then that dealer takes on the liability for that vehicle and title through what is known as a "dealer reassignment" which is done immediately, relieving you of any further responsibility.  So don't be afraid when shopping for a buyer to ask them for their Florida salvage dealer license number, or SD# for short.  If they tell you they don't need a license, or can’t provide the number in a timely manner, you may want to reconsider selling them your vehicle.  Per Florida State Statutes 320.27 any and all persons engaged in the business of buying and selling junk or salvage vehicles "MUST" have a Florida salvage dealers license along with a surety bond.  Failing to abide by these regulations can result in the dealers arrest, and fines of up to $5000.00.  Below is an e-mail testimonial recently received by the President of ABC JUNK CARS.

Hello and great day to you,


I junked my 94 Chevy lumina to a random junker back in December 2013 in Largo Florida with title and keys. In 2014 St. Petersburg Police Department had found my vehicle and had it impounded. Since the car was not junked properly I am now responsible for the car once again. The car is currently impounded at Tri J Co Towing & Recovery Inc. I am contacting you today to see if you are willing take this car off my hands and dispose of it properly. I do not have the keys or title to the car. I am also residing in Georgia and can not make the trip to Florida to deal with this. My father is handling this situation on my behalf. It is with great importance that I have this car junked for good! I look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,


Jessica T.

Jessica was the victim of an unscrupulous, unlicensed car buyer.  At the time of this email she was in debt to the towing company for approximately $1000.00, and under threat of a possible lien against her drivers license............."SELLER BEWARE".